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At reichsupply.com, we have thousands of items on display for you to browse and buy. Items are regularly updated, added and deleted. You can search for items under "WHAT WE SELL" or by "PRODUCT SEARCH".


Items are listed under 5 categories: Digital Printing
Heat Transfer Applications
Screen Printing
Sign Making                         
Sublimation Printing

These 5 categories are always displayed on the left side of every page on reichsupply.com To find what you are looking for, click on any of the 5 categories.

  • You'll land on the Browse Index page. This page is a general product category index reading alphabetically from left to right.
  • Click on any of the categories in the list. You'll then go to either a specific product category index or directly to "Your Search Results".
  • Under "Search Results" you'll see the item name that you searched for plus the number of items your search resulted in.


Look for a product by Item Description, Reich Item Code#, Vendor Name or Advanced Search.

* Item Description: Type in the one word that most closely describes the product that you are looking for. Item Description works best when plural words are not used. For example, type in vinyl not vinyls; paint not paints; emulsion not emulsions, etc. Contact us for help if the Item Description does not show the results you were hoping for.
* Reich Item Code#: To use this, you must have the correct Reich Supply Company Item Code. If you don't know our correct Item Code, try another one of our search features or contact us.
* Vendor Name: Type in the Vendor Name in the Product Search Box and click the "GO" button. You'll land on the Vendor Results page. Click on the Vendor Name and all of this Vendor's items will come up for you to view in alpha-numeric order.
* Advanced Search: This feature helps you "dig a little deeper" for information. Choose From a General Search or an Exact Match and search by Item Description, Reich Item Code#or Vendor Name.

A "No Results" Search

No results. Sometimes this happens. You simply get no results to match the information that you want. Misspelled words and incorrect Item Code numbers or letters can wreak havoc with your search and won't match anything in our data base. Also, not every product that we offer is shown on our website. Contact us before you become really frustrated and let us help you locate your item at reichsupply.com